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Step up your trading game with our Advanced guide, designed for all markets. Learn how to identify opportunities with our Trade Ideas and execute trading strategies with Pip Hunter!

Trade crypto and forex from your phone!
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Why you should  start now!

There is $6 trillion dollars traded everyday in Forex and Crypto combined. Learn a new skill and benefit from the high volume and hype around Forex and Crypto.

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24 Hour Markets

Make money at any time in the day. Gain skills that will help unlock your financial freedom.

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Learn a successful strategy that will help you increase your chances of being a profitable trader!

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Build a secondary income with trading. With our guides you can quickly build a successful income source!


Learn a skill that will help you beat rising inflation rates.

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Low initial capital

You can start trading with as little as $10! Learn a skill which will quickly help you scale your funds!

Trade from anywhere

With trading you can execute your skill from anywhere. All you need is access to the internet. Gain an income that doesn't tie you to a location

What makes us different?

We want to teach people a way to create a secondary income safely. With living conditions rising we want to teach traders to protect their capital and increase their awareness about the financial markets.

Crypto and Forex

Our team specialises in both Forex and Crypto. We have been through the learning phase and made the mistakes. Learn from us to avoid and mistakes and fast track your learning!

Forex and crypto specialists

Advanced Trading Guide

Develop your trading skills with our up-to-date comprehensive education. From key concepts to advanced processes, get everything you need to become a successful trader.

Pip Hunter Advanced Guide

Real Time Trades

Get trade guidance in real time, as the set-ups are forming. Our analysts carefully send the highest probability setups and their reasoning behind it, so you can learn and profit!

Real time trades from Pip Hunter

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Stay up to date with all the latest news and events in the global markets. We post Trade Ideas on our socials, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Reviews speak for themselves! Our community has seen the results and are pushing themselves even further.

Sam Houston

Made $615 in 6 hours!! Way more winners than losers. My success rate with Pip Hunter is now 85%!

Emily Woods

Excellent service. I wasn't expecting their service to be 100% accurate but it's much higher than my expectations.

Rick Willem

Thank you guys for your great analysis. I joined your community because I needed help with my analysis. I have improved so much!

Jeremy Wells

Awesome services! More ups than downs which means long-term gains. Definitely, recommend getting involved with Pip Hunter!

John Carter

Before I discovered Pip Hunter, i was struggling to catch 10 pips. Since studying the Advanced Guide, I now catch over 40 pips a trade!

Frances Monet

I have a hard time trading because of my long job. Your ideas help me with a second income

Miley Osteen

Amazing! Never see anything like this before 5/5 winning trades. I'm ready for tomorrows session!

Bill Evans

Doing good with the guide, up 52% on my account. Together if all continues like this, it will be like taking candies from a baby!

Manila Ling

WOW i have not seen results like this before. I started Pip Hunters Guide with barely any knowledge about the markets and now im making an extra 2k a month from trading!

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